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Colorful Classic Toothbrushes, Kids’ Toothbrushes, Mint Floss and Mint Toothpaste.

Are you changing your brush every three months?

If not, you’re missing out on a chance to improve your health. Dentists recommend changing your brush four times a year. Here’s why:

Bacteria Gone Wild

Bacteria start to build up on your brush, meaning it can’t leave your mouth as clean as it should.

Grizzly Bristles

Bristles get worn out and shaggy, so they’re no longer getting between teeth.

Fresh Brush, Clean Mouth

When your brush is fresh, your mouth is cleaner. It’s as simple as that.

What Makes Boka Toothbrushes Better?

Binchotan Charcoal

Naturally reduce odor-causing bacteria with activated charcoal.

Softer Bristles

Help prevent over-brushing and the gum recession that can come with it with a gentle massage for your mouth.

Tapered Bristle Shape

Reach farther between your teeth and gums to get a deeper cleaning.

Little girl holding a Boka Kids’ toothbrush and smiling.

Prices To Smile About

We believe everyone deserves a healthy mouth at a wallet-friendly price. Get our brush, floss and toothpaste sent to your door for less than $6 a month.

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Our Products


Applying toothpaste to a Boka Classic Toothbrush.

Toothbrushes, $3.50 with subscription

  • Bristles made with Binchotan activated charcoal naturally reduce odor-causing bacteria
  • Soft, tapered bristles clean better between your teeth and are gentle on your gums
  • Includes Kids Brushes, for a comfortable and thorough kid-sized cleaning

Electric Heads

Various electric brush heads on a bathroom counter.

Electric Heads, $4 with subscription

  • Compatible with most Sonicare brushes, including the E-Series, DiamondClean, and Pro Results
  • Seamless delivery makes replacing your brush head effortless
  • Prices that are easier on your wallet

Floss & Paste

Boka Floss and Toothpaste sitting near a sink.

Floss, $4.00 with subscription

Toothpaste, $7.00 with subscription

  • Natural ingredients
  • Teflon-free and petroleum-free mint floss made with natural beeswax and microfibers that expand between your teeth for a deeper cleaning
  • Natural toothpaste made in the U.S. with essential oils like peppermint and mint, free from fluoride, SLS, triclosan, and parabens


Boka Kids’ Toothbrush sitting with bath toys.

Two-Week Supply (14 packets), $20

One-Month Supply (30 packets), $37

  • Made with 100% organic, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, and pure mint oils for a refreshing experience
  • Naturally freshens breath, whitens teeth and helps reduce cavity-causing bacteria
  • Comes in convenient, single-use, recyclable packets


Electric Heads

Floss & Paste


Cocorinse packets on a bathroom counter.

Freshen up Naturally with Cocorinse

Swish your way to a healthy mouth with our blend of 100% organic, cold-pressed coconut oil and pure, refreshing mint.

Try Cocorinse

“I’m proud to recommend Boka to my patients. It’s a great way to bring natural, high-quality and innovative oral health products directly to their door.”

- Dr. Vladana Babcic Tal, DMD
A mother helping her daughter apply toothpaste to her Boka Kids’ Brush.

Get A Brush, Give A Brush

Clean water and oral health go hand in hand — but too many people across the globe don’t have access to either. That’s why for every Boka brush purchased, we donate a toothbrush to our nonprofit partner Surge. They work hard to bring life-sustaining water to those in need. Together we’re also working to provide oral health education to schools around the world.

Love Your Boka.